Sloan & Semple is a family business that grew out of a love for manufacturing (actually, that's mostly Dad), and a love for Charleston. After a foray in corporate America, Jim (aka Dad) followed the footsteps of his own father, and decided to run a small sewing plant, right here in Charleston, bringing American Made products to the southeast. He's been manufacturing products in Charleston since before Y2k, if you can remember back that far.


Now, Jim, his wife Cathy, and their perfect children (who may be writing this) have decided to step out on their own and design products that represent what they love about Charleston.

Every product is hand-crafted, designed in-house, and made with incredible attention to detail. You know how people say, "they just don't make 'em like they used to?" Well, these products are made to withstand the test of time, so even new generations will get to use that phrase when they talk about Sloan & Semple products.

You're Welcome.

With every purchase of  a Charleston Gate product, we donate a portion to the Philip Simmons Foundation, to honor his incredible Wrought Iron Gate designs.

Our Story

Charleston Fabric Story 

Our Charleston Gates Fabric contains references to much that makes our coastal city special.  Charleston is filled with the influence of blacksmiths who forged their art into gates, grilles, and balconies from the 18th through 20th centuries.


One of the features of our print is a gate and grille from the Phillip Simmons topiary heart garden.  The single heart gate is the entrance to the garden, and the grille, with it's waving lines, represents the Ashley and Cooper rivers that flow around the city. There are two Charleston singles houses, and an upside down heart with a star, a symbol of Charleston.  

The bench pays homage to the original benches found on the Charleston battery in nineteenth century photos.  They can still be found along the waterfront today, often accompanied by traditional lamp posts.

Charleston is filled with images of the pineapple, which has become known as a symbol of hospitality. There is even a pineapple fountain at Waterfront Park.  Early sea captain speared a pineapple to their home’s entrance to signify a successful voyage and to say, “my door is open to visitors.”  The Simmons-Edwards House at 14 Legare Street features “The Pineapple Gates”.

The palmetto trees, palms and all tropical foliage are part of the views that locals and tourists fall in love with.  All these things and so much more are why we love Charleston.

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